Wrong place. Wrong time. Again.
WARNING: This post contains sentimental cheese. Although there's nothing wrong with cheese, sentimental or otherwise.*

The First TARDIS Take Off

FiftyThree1 - コピー

Wheels turning round, into alien ground...Thoughts of other times, leave them all behind...

The First Regeneration

Forever Changes-infinite improbabilities before (and after) breakfast, eh Reverend?

The Doctor and Victoria, 'Tomb' Episode 3

It's not where you come from, it's where you're at.

Close of 'Genesis' episode 6

Silver linings, even in the darkest times. Always hope , I'm with you on that Mr Moffat.

End of 'City of Death'

Carpe Diem! Seize the Daze.

'Caves of Androzani' Episode 3 Cliffhanger

Never give up on your friends/family/self.

The Doctor With The Snipers, 'Happiness Patrol' Episode 2

There is always another way.

The Doctor Is Delighted With His Shoes, 'Doctor Who'

'For some people...' Absolutely- celebrate the small things in life, get obsessed and stay obsessed.

'Vincent & The Doctor', The Doctor Takes Vincent To The Exhibition

Do what you've gotta' do-time will tell, as ever.

'Listen', The Closing Minutes

Hugs are good.

So yeah, that's what it says to me- a heartfelt Happy 53rd Doctor Who! But Mrs Gantry would like to draw another moral from the story, to take us up to a bonus eleven...

The Macra, 'Gridlock'

'It's stupid and funny. And be careful with crabs- they might nip your toes and big ones might eat you'

*As ever, it's a cakewalk for sneering lack-witticism and dullardry to be vindictive and violent but like the man said, it takes guts to be gentle and kind.

Well, looks like Bedtime for Reality all round, to misappropriate the dear old Dead Kennedy's, but this 53rd Anniversary month I have mainly been revisiting early Tom, with the resultant wittering...

'In science, as in morality, the end never justifies the means'

Regenerated Doctor assists UNIT avert Giant Robot assisted apocalypse scenario.

Previously: Ambivalent

One I've always had an inconclusive relationship with. Never feels quite up to snuff for an opening adventure for a new Doctor but still daftly enjoyable in a crap kind of way. I gave it a 7.

This Time Out: Expectations Exceeded
Tom's good although almost unlikable (smug/glib) at points early on. Sarah's spunky, the Brig and Benton fifth and sixth wheels, especially with Surgeon Lieutenant Sullivan in the mix. The Robot costume is great, there are some crap (in)action sequences but the real star of the show is Professor Kettlewell's hair. Edward Burnham is great value. But 'I'll show that wretched woman' from the Brig- oh dear. Harry also becomes a bit of a fifth wheel prior to taking off with the Doctor at the end of episode 4 but Ian Marter is very good value.

The Brig and especially Benton are way better utilized in the second half, you can see the real person with Benton. John Levene is great. I could've seen him as a possible alternative in the Harry role through Season 12 actually. 'Doll' Sarah and Action Man UNIT victim actually out-crap the infamous Palitoy tank, Christopher Barry directs pretty deftly overall though. No, I'd bring this up to a 9 and colour meself a fan. Job done and expectations exceeded. Lawks.

Robot4 - コピー
'Beyond hair'

'The Ark in Space'
'Have a jelly baby, Vira...'

Man turns into insect- discovers remnant of humanity; cue explosion.

Previously: Ambivalent.

Always difficult. The head knows there's a great concept and some good stuff here. But man the heart'n'gut have trouble loving it. Gave it a 13 previously mind.

This Time Out: Expectations Dashed.
Somewhat astonishingly, this comes out just below 'Robot' this time out with an 8.5. The latter being, frankly, simply more fun. Boy this is over-earnest. I fell asleep around the rousing 'humanity' speech in episode 1. The design work is very good but way over-lit. The Wirrn, icky in concept are crap in the execution. Though never has a man (Kenton Moore) acted so impassioned to bubble wrap. Things picked up a tad in the final episode on this watch. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Rogin and his not wanting trouble with 'the space technician's union'. But no, despite a passingly good mark I was underwhelmed/really having trouble with this one this time out.

'To bubble wrap or not to bubble wrap- that is the question!'

'The Sontaran Experiment'
'I will kill you all now. But first I have other matters to attend to.' Well quite.

Ugly sadism against a windy backdrop- a sketch by R.R.Bennett.

Previously: Ambivalent
Yeah, I've always passingly enjoyed this one while getting carried along by the general consensus that it's okay but 'slight'...Still good for a 9 last time out.

This Time Out: Expectations Met
It's good for a 9 again, expectations very squarely met although I really quite enjoyed it. Sarah's famed 'Linx!' gaff, is, as others have pointed out, no gaff at all as the Sontaran hasn't even removed his helmet at this point. I think the second episode is better than the first, more happening but the direction and location work are great and make it very watchable. Harry is hilariously posh. In his third transmitted but second filmed story Ian Marter continues to be excellent but is sadly already clearly surplus to requirements. But as with 'Robot' just pips the supposedly superior 'Ark' this time out. And watch for the 'Monster of Peladon' trumping moment with 'Terry Walsh as Doctor'- he leaps into view over a rocky outcrop in long-shot, wig and hat ahoy and it's simply hysterical.

'Trolling for the victim mentality, no bridge required- subtle as a boot in a fanboy's face'

'Genesis of the Daleks'
'...though the Daleks will cause untold havoc and destruction for thousands of years, I know that out of their great evil must come something good...'

You can reinvent history- every line. Again and again and again.'

Previously: Ambivalent

Always been in the 'more to be admired than loved' camp. I went with an 11 previously, with various caveats.

This Time Out: Expectations Exceeded

Well blow me down...The lynchpin around which all of Season 12 revolves, I'm going with a straight 13 this time. It's easily the best story of the season and next to the non-existent 'Power'* likely the best ever Dalek tale. There are some great cliffhangers and moments along the way- the nameless mutant looking down on the Doctor's group in the first episode. Ronson's execution. The Davros-Nyder two-hander. Major props to both Michael Wisher and Peter Miles. Tom Baker is extraordinarily good but he ain't the focal point here, that'll be the black-hat contingent.

Episode 6 is just electrifying, one of 'Who's' very best ever. Plus Dalek breaking of the fourth wall at the end. Nice. Less is always more with the Daleks, which is majorly the case here. Ian Marter and Lis Sladen are both superb, turning what could sometimes be quite cripplingly leaden feed dialogue to gold. Sheer alchemy vicar. Yes, we have that such as the 'assaulted by gristle' episode 5 cliffhanger but honestly, this remains eminently watchable, generally superb direction and acting. A true 'Who' great.

*Sorry guys, I just can't get that animated about an animation. I mean, I'll buy it, fer sure but...nah...Somebody make like an alchemist and spirit up the originals.

'To come back and be wildly overwritten by Moffat...yes, yes, I would do it!'

'Revenge of the Cybermen'

'I say, what about the Commander? Aren't we going to stop and say cheerio?!'

Cybermen return to do a (disco) last gasp death shuffle.

Previously: Fan

One I've always had a soft spot for/indulged. Good enough for an 8.5 last time out.

This Time Out: Expectations (mildly) Dashed
It's all go indeed. Despite some lovely location filming and good pace it slipped just a tad to an 8. What with glowering Kellman and Harry Sullivan plus doughty Commander Stevenson in the mix, it really is the most Boy's Own of all 'Who' stories. Entertaining enough but ultimately vapid.

So yeah, Season 12...a weird one. Opening and close, 'Robot' and 'Revenge' really do feel like Pertwee hand me downs. 'Sontaran Experiment' is what it is, 'Genesis' really is all that and 'Ark' the shock of the new but quite overrated/mild case of Emperor's New Clothes. We're roundabout a 9.5 for the season as a whole on current reckoning for meself. excellent, if truncated stuff, occasionally stunning. Yerse.

'Leader, are we really that disco?'
A reversal of last time, ten stories I feel were way underrated/unjustly lowly placed in the last DWM poll with the full 'yer mileage may vary' acknowledgement...

'The Rings of Akhaten' (233)

I really find this one quite jolly, can't understand the opprobrium it seems to command. Looks great and largely plays great, yeah ol' sun-shiny big face at the end is a stretch too far perchance but it doesn't derail it for meself. I'd certainly sneak it into the Top 200 someplace.

'Expansive Leaf Emoting- c'mon and luv da big space face!'

'The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe' (229)

Same with this, I reckon some place around 160 would be fairer. It's a great showcase for Matt Smith/Our eccentric Eleventh and the minimal support cast are all good to very strong. The cringe-worthy girl-power moment at story's close certainly doesn't derail it.

'Embrace the wooden festivities!'

'The Horns of Nimon' (223)

Oh, c'mon, this is just joyous, out and out inanity, 'Who' '79 Vintage letting its hair down and putting its platforms on with considerable (inane) finesse. Somewhere in the Top 150 fer sure for my grotzits.

'RRROARR Power!'

'The Time Monster' (222)

Now this, this is just godlike, the easy highlight of Season 9 alongside 'Day' for meself. As funny'n'fun as 'City of Death' if admittedly not quite the wit but glorious, just glorious. Around 130 I'd say vicar.

'How can you not love it?! You can't? Oh.'

'Love & Monsters' (220)

Fandom hang your head in shame. This is godlike, bathos'n'pathos in equal measure and whip sharp smart. Respect to RTD and one of our best guest turns ever from Marc Warren. Top 30, likely higher for meself.

'Melancholia Superbus innit Vicar?'

'Delta and the Bannermen' (217)

Fun, plain and simple. Sheer energy, recall non-fan casual viewer friends at uni telling me 'Who' had got its mojo back. Top 150 someplace fer certain.

'Woooo! Hisssssss!!! Slamming Reverend, slamming.'

'The Krotons' (207)

A far, far cleverer, tighter script debut from Bob Holmes than ever given credit for. Well spooky ambient sound work, superb monsters'n'concept, just under budgeted and flatly delivered by some but one of Troughton's better outings,I'd put it about 100 reverend.

'Hum it don't diss it'

'The Gunfighters' (202)

Very funny, very smart and fairly slick for the time. A real quality late period Hartnell, Top 75 for meself.

'Okay, I'll take us back and rig the poll- Top 10 it is!'

'The Invisible Enemy' (196)

The first episode is one of the best ever but the whole thing bowls along with inane invention, I can even forgive the Giant Prawn at the heart of the Swarm. And some surprisingly good FX work amidst admitted shonkiness but no, Top 100 some place for meself.


'The Smugglers' (194)

The penultimate Hartnell and a poignant, Indian summery coda for the true First Doctor era before the harsh reinvention of 'Tenth Planet'. Lovely. I'd bump it up by at least a hundred places.

'A Hartnell Indian Summer of no little worth indeed. Lovely.'
Polls’n’lists, we love ‘em, do we not Reverend? Yer average fanboy or fangirl just can’t help his or herself…And whilst I absolutely want to preface this with a ‘de gustibus non est disputandum’ reiteration this is yer full ‘Say what?!’/Gantry in Bemusedville…With the last DWM poll of 2014 to hand these are ten placings where I just couldn’t help me ‘Say what fandom?!’ vibe. Surely yer having a laugh. All of these ten from the top 50, wherein I feel they ranked way too high…Next time, the reverse but for now…

49 ‘Asylum of the Daleks’
Yes, I know it looks very, very pretty but really no vicar. All style, no substance, as with so much of Moffat’s latter work for meself. Plus some embarrassingly wonky CGI if you know where to look. Low 100’s at best for meself.

'Hell'll freeze over before this makes me personal Top 50'

45 ‘Doomsday’
Oh absolutely no way and get out of here already reverend. I mean, yeah, it slipped a bit from the previous poll but nowhere near enough for meself. I adore much of RTD era ‘Who’ but rarely his big finish finales. Here we have kitchen sink Daleks vs Cybermen plus shlock emoting all over the shop. Low 100’s is more like it again for meself.

'Yep, that nagging feeling it's not actually all that...you're on to something me Mockney Schemer'

38 ‘The Daemons’
Sorry Barry et al, I know this is held in great affection by many but it’s just twee for meself. No, it’s not dreadful by any means but crimminy, does auto-pilot Baker T do it light years better a few seasons down the line in ‘Image of the Fendahl’. I’d pin it around the 100 mark, not bad but by no means all that.

'You'll be getting a citation for twee ineffectuality beyond the call of duty and no mistake Mike'

35 ‘Journey’s End’
Get out of here. Bottom 25 for meself. Kitchen sink overload, smug winks to camera twonkarama. Dreadful.

'No. Just no. Zip it already Ten'

23 ‘The Tomb of the Cybermen’
I mean, Troughtonophile that I am, what the hell’s going on with this placing?! (Crimminy, believe this made the Top 10 in earlier DWM/other (DWB?) polls!) It’s well ropey and only held in such high esteem due to Troughton and, well, willful denial of reality for my grotzits…Episodes 3 and 4 are textbook examples of going off the boil with embarrassing rapidity. Around 150 would be fairer I’d say…

'Even Trout can't save this baby'

And now a treble hander, at numbers 20, 16 and 14 we come to a Douglas Camfield directorial triptych with ‘The Seeds of Doom’, ‘The Web of Fear’ and ‘Terror of the Zygons’ respectively. If ever there was proof of what a brilliant, brilliant director Camfield was, getting the most out of cast and resources then these are it…’Cos strewth and blimey are the actual stories pedestrian’n’inane by turns. ‘Seeds’ and ‘Web’ especially go off the boil in their last thirds, yes the Zygons are a wonderfully gross creation but the Skarasen? Plus what is really an uber-bog standard Boys Own plot, lifted by ultra-deft direction as said…I’d stick ‘em all somewhere in the top 75 but never this high.

'Yep, okay Amelia, you in yerself are indisputably great but it can't salvage episodes 5 and 6'

'Novelisation better than the on-screen realisation come story's closing third? Quelle surprise reverend'

'Exactly what terror? Where? Really nothing you want to see here. Jog on.'

12 ‘The War Games

Again, as a Troughton fan, I don’t wanna’ diss it but really vicar…12?!!!! This is so strung out and lacking in real menace through episodes 5-8. Boggles me and think there was some very craftily orchestrated voting going down with this and ‘Zygons’. Around 100 would be more like it for me, switch it with ‘The Massacre’ innit? Bah, hambug, warble etc

War Games7
'Yes. Exactly.'

1 ‘The Day of the Doctor’
Well, yes, this was likely inevitable, plus overlooked by yours truly at the time, much to Mrs Gantry’s amusement but honestly…nay, nay and thrice nay! Yes, it’s a lovely celebration, John Hurt is tres magnifique but No.1? No way hose! Suspect it’ll remain in the top 30 next time but honestly, it’s two hastily stitched together ‘plots’ (Zygons and Gallifrey) making for a very overripe confection in me humble…

Day of the Doctor
'You can give it all the iconic posterdom you want- so not the greatest 'Who' of all time.'
Yes, I know I've said I'd love Capaldi to do four or five series but...I'm a fanboy innit, one can't help oneself getting down with the (very) idle speculation...If we were to have Doctor Thirteen/Two/Fifteen/Whatever from 2018, this is simply folk I think could do it..Whether they would, well, all highly unlikely but I'd rate 'em as...

A) Actually the vaguest of vague chances they would do it.
B) Slimmest of slim chances.
C) Wishful thinking Gantry, wishful thinking.
D) Cloud Cuckoo Land next stop!
E) Er, pardon?!

Alfred Enoch A
Partly the cute factor of his just happening to be William 'Ian' Russell's son but yeah...doing well as Wes Gibbins in 'How To Get Away With Murder', up and coming and I seriously think he could do it plus one where there's the slimmest of chances he actually would I reckon...

Sean Pertwee A
Cute 'Who' association as above and I really think he'd own the part if they offered it now, similar age to his dad when he took it on...Seems well-disposed towards 'Who' so another where I think he could and maybe, just maybe would do it...

Suranne Jones B
Yeah, partly memories of uber-scatty Idris/TARDIS in 'The Doctor's Wife' but she's got the acting chops and then some. Get the feeling she'd be slightly less likely to take it, very busy on stage and screen...

Helena Bonham-Carter C
Still very busy on big and small screen. Again, partly 'Harry Potter' inspired memories of Bellatrix but some earlier TV stuff as well...Like Pertwee, I think she's grown into a good fit for the part but massively unlikely to want it I'm sure...

Helen Mirren B
To be blatantly ageist, probably wouldn't want the punishing schedule at 71, plus still way major league on stage and screen, so despite a passing declaration of interest, well unlikely I reckon.

Maggie Smith D
I think she'd be awesome, in a Hartnell via McGonagal, snappish older Doctor way but...if I'm ruling Mirren out on age, at 81 I just don't see it happening! Shame.

Naveen Andrews C
A personal hobby horse, I'm trying to will his taking it into being...Charisma in spades and seriously talented. (Side Wibble: One time, with Davison, I actually got who I was secretly wishing for in the part. There's some great stuff but man was 10/11 Year Old Me churlishly willing Tom out of the part circa 1979/80.)

James Norton B
And another personal fave, as with Andrews. Plus we'd finally be going ginger! I think my 'B' rating is probably too optimistic...Busy with 'Grantchester' for a third series and doing the 'Flatline' remake, so films opening up but could be free around the time of series 11...He'd give us a kind of Five via Ten Doctor I reckon, guy's got some seriously impassioned presence and equally convincing playing good or bad.

Paul McGann
Yes, I know, what am I warbling?! This is fanboy wonkery pure and simple...but with Time Lords shown to select faces/keep 'em/be affected by memory (Romana/Ten/Twelve/(Six?!) ) I could see a 56 year old McGann (strewth, 20 years since the movie) persuaded into the wig and made up doing some Masterly body and personality bond with Twelve leading to the older 'Dark Eyes'-esque Eight MkII as 13th/14th/Whatever Doctor...I'll get me coat...

Future 9
Colin Firth D
Has really grown into 'Potential Doctor' territory for meself...Think he's got great comic potential as well as heavy presence but I seriously doubt he'd be interested plus suspect they'll lean younger next time...*

Freddie Fox B
..which leads me to Freddie. Would make an arrestingly sharp'n'fresh take for a season or two if up for it I reckon...

Damien Lewis D
We'd be ginger again...Would have some clout and seriously suit it in me humble but...busy with 'Billionaires', heavy film and TV presence, dude neither needs nor (I suspect) wants it...

Aidan Gillen D
Would be great in me humble but a) Too similar to Capaldi? b) Busy with 'Game of Thrones' into 2018 and c) Possibly more of a future Master...

*Yerse, believe Capaldi's been offered a fourth season and whilst me heart hopes he takes it, the head says a fresh Doctor for 2018 is likely...With the economy and budgets up the creek I'd wager younger and up and coming, different ethnicity highly likely, female...probably not but never say never innit reverend?

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