Wrong place. Wrong time. Again.
'FOUND!!! 'The Gobstopper Incident'

( Celestial Toymaker 5* )

'Yah! I've got all the missing episodes in my trans-dimensional tuck box! Yarooo!'

Yes, there hasn't been a convincing/interesting rumour in some little time. Either of the mind bendingly inane, obviously fake ilk or the tantalisingly credible. What can be said on missing episodes as of February 2024? The forums seem to have died a death on it, nowt having conveniently materialised for the 60th.

'No need for this old thing cluttering up the place.'

No, what we can say at present, is that at least 3-4 of the 97 episodes that remain missing do exist. Paul Vanezis, a very well respected voice in the field ( plus actual contact with/knowledge of collectors ) has publicly said so. Although I believe Vanezis indicated just a couple of episodes. Weight of opinion/debate seems to be they're likely Hartnells. My bonus episodes are firstly, 'Web of Fear' 3. I see no real reason to discount Philip Morris's claim it was at the station in Jos, then half-inched. Occam's Razor says it'd be an absurd invention for mesself. The last is my random bonus episode from ( you pick ) :
Daleks' Masterplan 4
Tenth Planet 4
The Invasion 1

'Dead men tell no tales. Particularly of the fate of episode 4.'

If the first two were genuinely requisitioned by 'John Smith' it does indeed seem tantalisingly iffy. ( Or is that 'Who' urban myth? ) The latter as detailed on Ash Stewart's 'Unlimited Rice Pudding Site' back in the day: Nicholas Courtney's detailed recall of being shown a ropy, soundless copy. Beyond this, all remains utter, frustrating speculation in which we end up chasing out tails. So I won't.

'Ah, the lost evidence for my 'Cows in 'Who' ' overview- would 'Spiders' and 'Fendahl' have their work cut out?'

Beyond saying that the manner of past returns gives me some hope: The two Terry Burnett, private collection, Hartnells.** Francis Watson, the ex-BBC engineer who returned 'Masterplan' 2. The eventual, car boot/ film fair style finding of those such as 'Faceless Ones' 3, 'Evil' 2 and 'Wheel' 3. In no way outrageous to suggest such circumstances could be repeated. When? Possibly never, so don't hold your breath Reverend.

''Tantalising Ma'am, tantalising...'

As for personal hopes. Ooh...'Marco Polo' and 'The Massacre' please. Plus 'Tenth Planet' 4, 'Power of the Daleks' and a personal underrated gem, 'Abominable Snowmen' 1 and 3-6. That'll do nicely. All together now, 'Ohm! Ohm! OHM!!'

'One fine daze...'

*A previously unknown episode, in which the Toymaker brings the entire franchise to a premature close, braining the Doctor with a sock full of Gobstoppers. And enough already Gantry.
**A'hem. Hartnell and Troughton. Authoritative Gantry, authoritative...

Epi(Pro)logue to History

'Daydream Trip Believers?'
What the (New) Wave of Nostalgia Yet to Come May Bring

A minor 'state of play' wibble/rumination, late January 2024. Aware of the fact that Millie Gibson's Ruby seems to be pretty much a one season deal. Also that Varada Sethu is a possible replacement. Name eludes me but know Gibson had been shot filming with a new possible male companion? Anyroad, warbling largely in a vacuum (quelle surprise Reverend) as the online speculation/snark was doing me nut a tad. Will happily return to it come May and the full season but time out a tad for now. That said, those 'state of play' thoughts at present...

...As ever, I've no truck with the uber-snarky old school 'want to see it fail' brigade. Likewise the uber-positive 'It can do no wrong-thou shalt not criticise' camp. Boringly neutral as ever in Gantrys-ville: If it entertains and retains its core 'Who-ishness', I'm in. That said, I have felt for a long time now that a rest would be as good as a change for TV 'Who'.That everything we've had from Capaldi (possibly even Smith) onwards has been bonus to expectations.

There's the question of quite how substantial the Disney deal really is. Also the ongoing snark, analysis and spin on the viewing figures and AI. Major impression of folk seeing what they want to see, depending on which camp they're in, anti or pro RTD/Nu-Who. Plus waters muddied by that such as Richard Osman's recent comments on Auntie Beeb's financial situation, or lack of. H'mm...We know Gibson's not going far beyond close of Season 1. Gatwa Season 2 and out? He's been very vague/politic in answer to the direct question. Double h'mmm...

RTD has said summit along the lines of he 'knows where 'Who' will be/is headed' come 2025. Gut feeling now is that'll be either a segue into Doctor 16- female, black, American? (Whoopi, your time may yet come!) Possibly RTD handing over to a new showrunner although I think that's unlikely. If it's successful/firing on all cylinders he'll stick with things through to 2028-ish for a Sixteenth incarnation. Then someone new, maybe...

OR...a rather abrupt end of deal come close of Season 2. With the ironic scenario of some of the mooted spin-offs outliving the parent show in this iteration. Yep, there's a lot happening, a lot of fluff and flummery but let's just say I'll be pleasantly surprised if 'Who' is with us as an active brand on TV come 2026, let alone 2030. Hopefully so, yeah but something* feels out of kilter at present. Peace, Love, Disco Krotons

*Likely just trans-dimensional indigestion and I need to mainline some Hartnell alongside some slow release Pertwee six parter action.....
'The Church on Ruby Road'

'Faerie Tale of New Who' anyone? Because at first glance, there really isn't that much to this mere slip of a 'Who'. Which means you're likely inevitably going to end up putting some sort of positive or negative spin on it. Initially I was leaning more toward the latter. Which for a first full outing of a new incarnation, is assuredly not good. With re-watches the disposition has certainly become a little more positive. And all this said, RTD may be weaving a subtler spell than we're first aware of. Could be it'll gain currency with time, seen as the opening of a season long arc.

'Splicing the main sail with a cut of the jib. Or something.'

Yet the nagging question remains: Is this not truly 'Doctor Who'? 'Doctor Who Lite'? Using the tropes'n'tics of the original, some of the old as window-dressing, but essentially a different series? I've watched it five times and ultimately I'm still feeling the 'Who'. It's more a case of 'New Grenson's and Time Kilt'. I'm absolutely on board with Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson- very canny casting. I love the scene of Fifteen dancing at the start; losing himself in the moment whilst watched by Ruby. Setting out the stall of a very different Doctor indeed.

Except it's very clearly the same Doctor. Love his reaction to the Goblin ship as 'beautiful', then jumping to the prosaic observation that 'they gobble you up'. Gatwa is very smooth throughout, with the 'big picture delight' swinging back to earth and the practicalities. Very Doctor-ish indeed. It's not just the writing and direction, Gatwa's clearly been giving this some thought and then some. I'm not quite sure he's the walking charisma-splosion that some of the media would have you believe. (Three line whip?) He's more focused than that but certainly more than up to the task.

No, if there's a problem here, it's with the script but coherent critique of is a very, very grey zone indeed at present. Sure, it's a long way from being dreadful but it's also far from being one of RTD's finest. ( That such as 'Midnight', 'Partners in Crime' and 'Gridlock' for my grotzits.) Mrs Gantry was very much, 'there's nothing to really lock you in, no key selling point.' Which I kind of get. (Although me dear old Mum and two of sisters who've seen love it unabashedly.) No, to me it's the Ruby back-story mystery which underpins this and hangs heaviest. This said, it can at times feel a tad too frenetic, bordering on vapid. Kind of 'Eastenders' via 'Neverwhere'. H'mmm...

'The (time) Track of My Tears.'

Yeah, my initial reaction to this has been akin to my first response to 'Runaway Bride': 'Meh'/'What just happened, warming up a tad over time. Although the snarky part of you wants to ask if we'll end up with Davina McCall as the companion for season 3? (Are we getting a season 3? Whole other warble.) But stow the snark, McCall acquits herself well here. Yes, this is undeniably slight for a Doctor's first full episode. At first sight. As said, you could take it as 'Eastenders' via 'Neverwhere'. ( 'Neverenders'?) But this one is so not about the story, the moment at hand. For an apparent mere slip of a script, it's asking a lot more of us than that. Setting things up, with nods and winks to the future. Some fourth wall breaking, speaking of winks...

'Sum Product Stolen Future'

...yes, Anita Dobson's Mrs. Flood. ( 'Old Forms'? That's a desperate stretch but she's someone we'll have encountered before, I'm sure. At present.) That's a TARDIS blue front door she's got, for sure. Good, bad or inbetweener? My grotzits say the final, actual return of the Rani (hah!) or another iterant of the Doctor themselves. Likely dimensions off but I think she's also the one who leaves baby Ruby at the church. RTD has given nods to Chibnall's 'Timeless Children'. I reckon Ruby's another, somehow related to Gatwa's 'orphan' Fifteen.

'And the cradle snatcher is...'

Coming back to Ncuti Gatwa...What do I make of our latest incumbent after this? I'd say it'd be very easy to mis-read him, as an 'Indiana Solo', everyman Super-Doctor. Very. But he isn't simply that, for meself. There is that 'haring about the place' and over the rooftops dynamic. And it's joyful. But he's very good with the more somber introspection. That tearful moment with Carla (Michelle Greenidge) as the timeline cracks and abruptly, coldly shifts. The scatty distraction with the rude mechanisms of chance/rope as forms of language/science to manipulate. No, it's a big thumbs up from me for our new main man and Millie Gibson's Ruby, kind of Jo Grant via Amy Pond but very much her own thing.

For the actual episode we get on screen, mildly anodyne Goblin inanity'n'singing segue, I can't go higher than a 6.5. Which may seem damning with faint praise, it being the first full episode for Fifteen'n'all. But it is what it is. Xmas fluff with a lot more going on under the hood than first realised. There are some really powerful, arresting moments here. I love the Doctor dancing, out of time in the moment, as warbled. Speaking of 'out of time', those moments where he's watching Ruby and staring at the church and the unknown, hooded figure, shades of futures past. (Summit very Eleven series 5, time out of joint snippets here.) Ruby's first (Mrs. Flood prompted) recognition of the TARDIS and steps inside are really electric for me.

Overall, it's likely a necessary, rather than essential episode with the odd stunning moment. Could play out any which ways but I'm fingers crossed for an upwards trajectory. It's not a 'jury's out' moment for meself. At present I have every faith in Gatwa, Gibson and RTD. A lot rides on the next season, I grant ye but I'm hopeful they'll nail it rather than fail it come May.

'...the clue's likely in the TARDIS Type 40 door paint...'

Another blast from yester-year. I'd still praise this to the skies and beyond. Robert Holmes on inimitable form and then some. That 13 needs the full qualifier, this is a 13+++ without a shadow of a doubt for meself. Next time, a self-administered kick up the arse and a look to the future with Fourteen (?!?) and Fifteen. But for now back to the catacombs of Ribos, that most wintry/January of tales for me, an accidental Christmas/New Year special in Gantrysville...

First Contact: Original ’78 transmission. Remember squinting at the RT listing on holiday in Lime Regis, not quite getting this usage of ‘operation’. ‘Who’-expanding the vocabulary as ever.

The Lowdown: The quest for the mega-mcguffin, the Key to Time, is underway on the medieval future planet Ribos. Amidst much con job malarkey.

Preramble: Mid Range. But upper mid range I’d wager. Oftimes seen talked of glowingly, sometimes dismissed as low key borearama.

'It's God. With a parasol and some absinthe.'

‘Carnival’ may get the satire plaudits, ‘Time Warrior’ the knockabout comedy; ‘Talons’ may be his wittiest, ‘Androzani’ inarguably the bleakest. But it’s only ‘Ribos’ that has ‘em all, in one hugely effective package: Satirical, lyrical, comical, darkly humorous and bluntly stark. This, for me, is the overlooked gem in Holmes’s crown. It’s time to gush…

Episode 1

It’s so obviously and hilariously a ‘God Calling’ moment when the TARDIS flight is interrupted. Although soon watered down to the level of White and Black ‘Guardians’. Yerse. And the whole Key to Time shebang is such a blatant macguffin hunt but what a corker all the same. I am one major, major sucker for the collectaquest. (Actually, September 2nd…just realized it’s 34 years to the day that I sat down to watch this on a black and white set at me grandparents. Lordy.) There’s really great design work from Ken Ledsham for the Ribos interiors and exteriors. Possibly utilizing stuff from other productions but still a great job. Yes that is very obviously polystyrene snow but the relic room, the blustery concourse…Ribos just feels so real. George Spenton-Foster shoots the reptilian guard dog Shrievenzales well sparingly. Don’t think they’re half bad meself. And I love the fact that Ribos is such a medieval future, there to be exploited by Garron’s spurious ‘Megellanic Mining’ corp and the Graff Vynda-K. Plus such atmosphere and back story, the Graff plotting to take the Levithian throne back from his half-brother. Yeah, that really is some of the most effective polystyrene snow I’ve ever seen. Design, direction, performances, all are creating such a believable atmosphere.

Notable cut/scar on Tom Baker’s upper lip-some real world continuity that won’t be dealt with until the next story! Cyril Luckham is great value as the urbane White Guardian, love the moment when he tells the Doctor ‘…nothing will happen to you…ever…’ if he won’t assist. And his cosmic absinthe is obviously 200% proof as one sip appears to make him dematerialize. Back on the TARDIS we encounter Romana (the inimitable Mary Tamm) and there’s great rapport from the off. Love the Doctor’s ‘Am I supposed to be impressed?’ to her talk of a triple First and her comeback of ‘better than scraping through with 51% on the second attempt.’ The Doctor’s also getting very intimate with the TARDIS (then again, it is the wife!), kissing the console after the locator’s been installed. Also like his knowing the first segment's location off by heart-experience versus Romana’s text book approach.

'Woman's got you sussed Doc' '

The Doctor-Romana banter is just acutely on the ball for me, the ages jibes and her ‘things must get a bit foggy after the first few centuries.’ Tamm’s slightly ‘at one remove’ from it all vibe is great-she and Tom Baker have a very Mrs.Peel and Steed feel for me. But also add a glorious frisson of daftness to proceedings without overtly sending it up. Double lovely. Great moment when she says they should take a chance, the Doctor snapping that he makes the decisions and deciding they’ll take a chance. Once they’ve arrived on Ribos and the Doctor’s caught in the netting-it’s a moment you can see coming a mile off but still very funny. Nice (unintentional) foreshadowing of his next incarnation with the Doctor’s talk of being a good leg spinner. Beautiful moment too when he tells Romana to watch the sleeping sentry-it’s a serious offence and they can wake him up if anyone comes.

Iain Cuthbertson and Nigel Plaskitt are superbly cast as Garron and Unstoffe, possibly Robert Holmes’s greatest comic double act. Garron can come over as a bumbling bungler with all his ‘Wilco, Graham, out’ but it’s just veneer, smoothly played by Cuthbertson. Even Holmes’s names’n’titles are great-Graff Vynda-K. I’m loving it. Paul Seed and Robert Keegan as the Graff and Sholakh are both good but Seed exceptionally so. He’s sussed it exactly and is doing some hilarious contained grandstanding. Respect. His armored guardsmen are effectively brutal too, nice helms and cloaks. I love a good cloak, it’s all in the swish. Top novelization by Ian Marter too, as with the TV story, largely went over me head at the time. (‘Who’ is a glorious mix of kids’n’adult, the greatest ever for my money but some stories are more ‘kids’, some more ‘adult’ and this one definitely falls in the adult camp for me, all slyly overarching archness. As you do.) Iain Cuthbertson’s Somerset accent moment for Garron –all together now ‘HALF PAST FOUR & ALL’S WELL!’-is hilariously daft. Nah, 13 innit? Seamlessly great.

'Disingenuous? Moi?'

Episode 2

Some good old fashioned ‘hiding in plain sight’ from the Doctor and Romana as the Captain and his guards fail to notice them hanging about the crown jewels. Tom’s certainly straining at the boundaries when he’s wondering about the Guardians and clapping a hand to his own mouth. Not yet at Season 17 levels of inanity but well on the way. Also loving all the ‘honest face’ crook banter with Romana and her disappointment in Unstoffe.

'The very thought!'

Garron’s generically vague ‘from the North’ bluff is nicely daft. The bluff within a bluff, Unstoffe trying to sell the Graff the ‘Scringe Stone’ treasure map is wonderful-Plaskitt and Cuthbertson are priceless. No, the Time Lord, Graff and con men plots are all interlinking seamlessly. It’s all quite inane but there’s a real sense of building tension as the Doctor and Unstoffe run into each other in the treasure chamber and the guard blows the whistle on them. Dudley Simpson’s incidental music is well atmospheric, this is simply masterful stuff.

Prentis Hancock is very strong in a contained/limited role as the Guard Captain. Garron’s bluff of putting the money in safe keeping in the relic room is such an obvious bluff but genius for it’s playing on the primitive pride of the Ribos culture. The Graff’s sharp too, discovering Garron’s bugging device but deciding to keep schtum for the time being. No, all things considered it’s 13 again.

'The Gallifreyan boggle, retrained and outsize.'

Episode 3

The Doctor slapping the Graff back with his own glove is just uber great-how very dare you indeed sir! Once under lock and key, Tom Baker appears to be genuinely laughing at Garron’s ‘dying being the last thing he wants to do’ comment. Great line. And Garron can be brave/ballsy when he needs to, smashing his wrist communicator before Sholakh can confiscate it. Crimminy but these characters are nuanced/multi-layered. Garron’s well sussed and has a much broader perspective than he likes to let on with all his talk of the war, the economy and the Graff. Okay, maybe a little myopic on the economic front but he gets the bigger picture.

'Timothy Bateson gives us Heresy Redeemed combined with Siberian Indigestion. Masterful.'

And I love the Captain sneering at the Graff as if he’s a simpleton over the ‘scringe stone’. With the arrival of the Seeker and her bones we’re in classic sci-fantasy cobblers territory but Ann Tirard actually makes her quite spooky and otherworldly for me. Unstoffe’s meeting with Binro the Heretic (Timothy Bateson) is absolutely delightful and touching into the bargain. Bateson and Nigel Plaskitt work really well together. And again such a sense of a real world, Binro’s belief in planetary motion set against the extended seasons of Sun and Ice and the battles of the gods. When our allies of inconvenience escape into the cobwebbed/candled catacombs the atmosphere’s just bang on-major kudos Ken Ledsham and George Spenton-Foster once again. And another 13.

Episode 4

That Shrievenzale’s not at all bad you know-no, really. And blimey, backstory, bonding and motivation as the Graff and Sholakh talk of their year in the Freytus labyrinth. Binro risking his life to go back and look for Garron is again quite touching and charming: To know that his theories were right is worth a life. At which point you just know he’s doomed but well played nonetheless.

'Sorted my son, absolutely sorted...'

It’s fitting that the Graff and Sholakh doom themselves with the sadistically brutal shooting of the guard and unite the natives against them. Particularly nasty comment from the Graff about the angle of the shot. The thing with the Graff and Sholakh is that they’re people-brutal killers but people! One mad, one stoical but not completely one dimensional. The whole sequence when they’ve cornered Garron and Unstoffe and kill Binro is just genius. Moves deftly from pathos to bathos and back with Binro’s death, Garron’s ironic comment and Unstoffe’s reaction. There’s a lovely defiance to Garron’s baiting of the Graff, simultaneously defiant and hilarious when he finds his throat’s too dry for a touching speech. Quite brings a lump to me throat. Cue rockfall thanks to the Captain’s cannon (crikey) and the Graff is kissing adieu to his felled lieutenant. Good lord but this is nuanced. Respect Mr.Holmes. Like the disguised Doctor’s sleight of hand and the clearly delusional Graff blowing himself to smithereens with his own bomb. Further delightful sleight of hand with Garron, Unstoffe and the Jethryk and we have our first segment. Onwards! 13 with knobs on here and 13+++ with bells and a whistle overall.


FX and design have been very good indeed, Shrievenzales work for me. Seriously nice hats abound too. Smooth direction, George Spenton-Foster is seriously underrated in me humble. The acting really is top drawer, everyone’s a stand out. Script likewise, this is possibly Holmes’s greatest for meself. So there ye go...a quiet and unassuming little tale of individual lives and moments therein against a greater backdrop. Quite simply wonderful and there I shall leave our magical, motley crew, in an enchanted place.


13.11: 'D.I.Y. of the Daleks'

A recent-ish New Year's Spesh (yer mileage may vary!) re-visit...Time flies and then some; this was 2019, , five odd years from now, 'Who' (sorry) knows into the bargain again...

'Jodie Whittaker, you are very much indeed the Doctor for meself- respect.'

Okaaay...Let's talk Whittaker. Last time out I had her pegged around me middle tier of Doctors, very solid but not hitting it outta' the park, aka a Baker T or Troughton. That said, she here does nothing to lessen her standing. In fact, very much consolidates things. She's most definitely the leading light/presence but very much playing off'n'to those around her, as with Troughton or Davison before her. And very gracious in not playing against or attempting to upstage Bradley Walsh who, granted, has very strong presence. But this core pair meld well and support one another and the whole very effectively for meself.

'Bloody hell! It's 'Marco Polo' 5- 'Rider from Shang-Tu!!'

Whittaker gets some great head to head moments with the Dalek, there's a real fired up defiance'n'determination here. Love all the slow-mo skidding about the place. Chuffed you should be Doc' Thirteen. Of said Dalek, it's not Rusty, more Wonky but also literally rusty. Love the shadowing of the Doctor's D.I.Y. cobbling together at series's start. And no, it doesn't quite come out in the mix, which has to be wholly intentional. Me first instinct was to laugh but this scout survivor grows on you with menaces, a junkyard demon indeed.

'Very strong guest turn from Daniel Adegboyega as Aaron.'

Some lethal face offs with our armed forces. Although quite why it stops for a showdown with the army'n'tanks, beyond showpiece, is mildly beyond me. Like the troopers dismissive talk of 'a drone' (most timely innit Reverend?) and the sarky/incredulous 'Did it just speak?!' But they know not what they're dealing with and like Eccleston's lone Dalek previously, it levels the playing field more than ruthlessly. That UNIT-less playing field......

'Mad genetic scientist Dada taught me it's kind to be cruel.'

.....Yerse,can't find it in meself to get in a tizzy about that one vicar, think Chibnall deals with it/sweeps it away wryly and effectively. They'll be back around again some day f'sure but not in this iteration and that's fine with meself. More 'Everything lies fallow awhile' than Nine's 'Everything has its time. Everything dies.' (Perchance too our beloved TV iteration of 'Who' but that's a latter wibble. I've really enjoyed this run, look forward to more of Thirteen but truly- go out while you're ahead gurlz'n'boyz. Which, despite mucho over-analytical bickering in some parts they still are for my grotzits.)

'A D.I.Y. face-off between Wonky and Chirpy- there'll be sparks afore bedtime I tell ye.'

Plot-wise, for all Chibnall's talk of 'epic' things are very obviously undercut by a slashed budget but heck they continue to make the best of a very rough deal. That lone GCHQ operative, the snippets of other climes through CGI and very judicious editing. Direction from Wayne Yip remains pretty darn smooth and things are nicely complimented by Segun Akinola's score and incidental stuff. Although he occasionally keeps putting me in mind of 'Big Brother' and the diary room, early noughties for some reason. The core and guest cast are all very good. Tosin Cole plays very well against Daniel Adegboyega as absent dad Aaron. Likewise Bradley Walsh's Graham. I don't find any of the emotive stuff over-mawkish or clumsily done. Sensitive'n'well played to boot for me. I think I've pinpointed the 'Yaz Factor' as well- Mandip Gill is great but she's actually the only one playing a straight down the line 'Trad 'Who' Companion' type and it really sticks out. But I like her, good stuff etc

'Well there's lovely innit?'

No, what stops this getting absolute full marks for meself, is the way things play out so rapidly. Aaron could've appeared earlier in the series and the emotional stuff clashes just a tad with the epic. The doorbell rings for a fast track delivery of emotive bits and the epic temporarily hangs suspended. Plus they really are pushing the cheese to the max with Ryan's saving of Aaron from our malicious mutant squid. Who has also taken some convenient stupid pills and doesn't think to ask if the Doctor's parked up alongside a supernova. But I'll give it a pass. Charlotte Ritchie and Nikesh Patel have been really good value as support character colour, Lin and Mitch. Although again, it's all just a tad pat at the, er, resolution, surely Lin is gonna' find some serious questions being asked of her somewhere down the line, Dalek possession or no? But all's lovely that ends lovely and heck, 13+ Mr Chibnall, your best 'Who' yet for me and I look forward to more.

'Though couldn't we just have done with it and called the show 'GRAHAM' for Series 12?'

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