Wrong place. Wrong time. Again.
Yes, I know I've said I'd love Capaldi to do four or five series but...I'm a fanboy innit, one can't help oneself getting down with the (very) idle speculation...If we were to have Doctor Thirteen/Two/Fifteen/Whatever from 2018, this is simply folk I think could do it..Whether they would, well, all highly unlikely but I'd rate 'em as...

A) Actually the vaguest of vague chances they would do it.
B) Slimmest of slim chances.
C) Wishful thinking Gantry, wishful thinking.
D) Cloud Cuckoo Land next stop!
E) Er, pardon?!

Alfred Enoch A
Partly the cute factor of his just happening to be William 'Ian' Russell's son but yeah...doing well as Wes Gibbins in 'How To Get Away With Murder', up and coming and I seriously think he could do it plus one where there's the slimmest of chances he actually would I reckon...

Sean Pertwee A
Cute 'Who' association as above and I really think he'd own the part if they offered it now, similar age to his dad when he took it on...Seems well-disposed towards 'Who' so another where I think he could and maybe, just maybe would do it...

Suranne Jones B
Yeah, partly memories of uber-scatty Idris/TARDIS in 'The Doctor's Wife' but she's got the acting chops and then some. Get the feeling she'd be slightly less likely to take it, very busy on stage and screen...

Helena Bonham-Carter C
Still very busy on big and small screen. Again, partly 'Harry Potter' inspired memories of Bellatrix but some earlier TV stuff as well...Like Pertwee, I think she's grown into a good fit for the part but massively unlikely to want it I'm sure...

Helen Mirren B
To be blatantly ageist, probably wouldn't want the punishing schedule at 71, plus still way major league on stage and screen, so despite a passing declaration of interest, well unlikely I reckon.

Maggie Smith D
I think she'd be awesome, in a Hartnell via McGonagal, snappish older Doctor way but...if I'm ruling Mirren out on age, at 81 I just don't see it happening! Shame.

Naveen Andrews C
A personal hobby horse, I'm trying to will his taking it into being...Charisma in spades and seriously talented. (Side Wibble: One time, with Davison, I actually got who I was secretly wishing for in the part. There's some great stuff but man was 10/11 Year Old Me churlishly willing Tom out of the part circa 1979/80.)

James Norton B
And another personal fave, as with Andrews. Plus we'd finally be going ginger! I think my 'B' rating is probably too optimistic...Busy with 'Grantchester' for a third series and doing the 'Flatline' remake, so films opening up but could be free around the time of series 11...He'd give us a kind of Five via Ten Doctor I reckon, guy's got some seriously impassioned presence and equally convincing playing good or bad.

Paul McGann
Yes, I know, what am I warbling?! This is fanboy wonkery pure and simple...but with Time Lords shown to select faces/keep 'em/be affected by memory (Romana/Ten/Twelve/(Six?!) ) I could see a 56 year old McGann (strewth, 20 years since the movie) persuaded into the wig and made up doing some Masterly body and personality bond with Twelve leading to the older 'Dark Eyes'-esque Eight MkII as 13th/14th/Whatever Doctor...I'll get me coat...

Future 9
Colin Firth D
Has really grown into 'Potential Doctor' territory for meself...Think he's got great comic potential as well as heavy presence but I seriously doubt he'd be interested plus suspect they'll lean younger next time...*

Freddie Fox B
..which leads me to Freddie. Would make an arrestingly sharp'n'fresh take for a season or two if up for it I reckon...

Damien Lewis D
We'd be ginger again...Would have some clout and seriously suit it in me humble but...busy with 'Billionaires', heavy film and TV presence, dude neither needs nor (I suspect) wants it...

Aidan Gillen D
Would be great in me humble but a) Too similar to Capaldi? b) Busy with 'Game of Thrones' into 2018 and c) Possibly more of a future Master...

*Yerse, believe Capaldi's been offered a fourth season and whilst me heart hopes he takes it, the head says a fresh Doctor for 2018 is likely...With the economy and budgets up the creek I'd wager younger and up and coming, different ethnicity highly likely, female...probably not but never say never innit reverend?

The Charge:

Now back in the day, this was right up there with seasons 7, 13 and 14, the Time Bee's vortexian knees innit? Over time this has morphed into a charge of uber-generic 'base under siege', as exemplified by 'Tenth Planet' and 'Moonbase' before it. Sooo...

'Tomb of the Cybermen'

'Get down and quack like a funky metal man'

C'mon now time boyz'n'girls, we all know the drill of deep sourcausm, nary ye mind the clunking racism on show- 'The Cybermen break out of their tombs and then they go back in again.' Yerse...But as a tomb being broken into it admittedly doesn't quite fit the basic accusation. Once the poster boy for lost magic it truly is pure hokum and a major, major example of the fallen from grace however the olde guard may try to square it.

Episodes 1 and 2.
Patrick Troughton.
The Doctor's episode 3 scene with Victoria.
The Doctor and Jamie inadvertently holding hands.
Cyril Shaps as Viner.
Some of the tomb design, baco-foil has never been utilised so niftily.
Odd bits of Morris Barry's direction.
The location stuff.
Clive Merrison, despite the accent!

Episodes 3 and 4
Portrayal of Toberman, Kaftan and Klieg (Writing of, not especially egregious performance wise.)
Toberman aloft.
The Cyber-Controller aloft. Dear oh blimey.
Other bits of the design- clunky kindergarten wooden-top control panel anybody?
The great majority of Barry's direction unfortunately...
The Cyber-bloody-mats. So not 'vampiric and terrifying' Jeremy Bentham. Fuzzy felt teeth really ain't doing it for me.


Definitely guilty but not as charged, I think we've arrived at a true awkwardly fascinating guilty pleasure if you can ignore the sloppy racism*, direction and some occasionally slipshod design...

'The Abominable Snowmen'

'Yes, you've unearthed the Yeti, now find episodes 1 and 3-6!'**

The weird and perpetually unknown due to only one extant episode. Perchance underrated...It's a monastery under siege from a disembodied, out of time'n'place alien presence so is a kind of awkward fit for the standard accusation. Base under siege with esoteric frills vicar?

Songsten's hat!
Wolfe Morris's Padmasambhava.
The setting, both location work and monastery sets.
David Spenser's Thonmi is memorably personable.
A very well oiled TARDIS team, Deborah Watling especially so this time out.

Very few to speak of for meself.
Absence of score perchance?
But despite astonishing direction from Douglas Camfield in 'Web' I think this may just pip it overall if the whole thing turns up.

A cautious Not Guilty. Rather lovely in a weirdly outta' time and place way actually...

'The Ice Warriors'

'Ooh, I've got a real craving for Arctic Roll, wonder if the Food Machine's up to it?'

The consensus of late seems to be workmanlike/damned with faint praise. H'mm...It's a scientific base under siege from advancing glaciers. Certainly doesn't fit the 'bad monsters coming to get the good folk' charge for my money, we're light years away from yer bog standard 'White Hat vs Black Hat' shtick. Way subtler characterisation on show than that, I reckon this one has very undeservedly had the boot put in of late...

Derek Martinus's direction.
The sets.
Peter Barkworth's Leader Clent.
The unusual setting.
The Ice Warrior's sonic gun effect.
Bernard Bresslaw's Varga.

Few to speak of again for meself reverend.
Some occasionally obvious polystyrene snow but c'mon...

Definitely Not Guilty. Hold your dodgy perspex headgear high Brittanicus Base.

'The Enemy of the World'

'Yes, have me arrested immediately!'

The Joker. Really rather astonishing. Plus there is no base under siege...We get a truly delusional underground bunker but...

Patrick Troughton- WOW
Milton Johns as the truly loathsome Benik. Turn, sir, turn!
Episode 1, especially the first half- astonishing.
Episode 6 is a blummin' good 'un too, abrupt cliffhanger'n'all...
David Whitaker- respect sir!

A few clumsy/slow action sequences.
The small scale 'ubiquitous wallpaper' sets.

A resounding Not Guilty.

'The Web of Fear'

'Where's the Honey, Mummy?'**

Ah...Yeeeesss...The unconquerable. Fandom clears collective throat. Looks at feet. Disembarks at Goodge Street and shuffles off stage left. And yep, it's an old army opps centre in the London Underground besieged by our returning other dimensional presence and it's servitors. So yeah, the charge fits.

Douglas Camfield's direction.
The sets and design work.
Nicholas Courtney.
Pretty much all the guest cast, truth be told.
Patrick Troughton is absolutely on fire here. Masterful.
The stock score, utilised very effectively, especially in the early episodes.

The face off with the Yeti in episode 4 being shot in daylight but not a biggie.
No, the real biggie is episodes 5 and 6. Strewth oh crikey, despite Trout, Camfield et al doing their damndest they really can't save/disguise the sheer vacuity/inanity of the writing. Dear oh dear. Driver Evans Comedy Playhouse ain't enough to salvage this.How the remaining support cast survive following episode 4's brutal massacre is boggling, beyond there being two episodes to fill and a desperate attempt at misdirection with Sergeant Arnold being the traitor. Gormless.

A reluctant Guilty, despite the first two thirds being really rather astonishing.

'Fury from the Deep'

'One continues to attempt to squint the vibe outta' the telesnaps...'

Again, the unkown/atypically typical. Typical. H'mm...We've got a network of rigs and control centre. The latter of which is directly attacked in the last episode. But really this is more spreading, insidious 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' vibes than direct base under siege tropes.

Victoria's departure, the seeding in over the course of the story. Very well done.
The offtimes very domestic/kitchen sink stresses'n'strains of the rig workers.
That TARDIS landing on the sea- oh, tantalising clip!
Yeah, this really is the king of clips stories. They're all suggestive of something very spooky/atmospheric and building very effectively but hard to call really...

Very hard to call again. I suspect it's not the setting as much as a few over-familiar authority figures/stretched deputy's'n'science bods too far as with the next story but...

You almost want to throw it out as currently unjudgeable but a way cautious Not Guilty, the whole thing turns up it could go 'Enemy' on us, it might do a 'Web' and flummox a tad.

'The Wheel in Space'

'Yezz, we've kumm aboutt za menaze...U don' havve enuvv menaze...Lett uzz menaze u..feel za frizzon...'

Fifth wheel. Always the poor relation. Always underrated at poll time in me humble. It's a space beacon/station under attack, infiltration first up, finally attempted direct assault. So again I'd say the basic charge doesn't really hold water...

Very good, slow, creeping sense of building menace for my money.
The Cybermen are actually (amazingly) well-utilised for once, a memorably looming/genuinely dangerous presence.
A neat Doctor, Jamie, Zoe vibe is fast coming into focus.
Troughton is excellent, Anne Ridler as Dr Gemma Corwyn also and interacts very neatly with the Troutster.
The crew are a varied, not always likeable bunch and far from one dimensional.
Episode 1 is very atmospheric/a good slow burner.


Erm...Cardboard Cybermen spinning away at story's close anybody?
Jarvis Bennet is really pushing the stressed controller figure a stressed control figure too far, (Hopper, Khrisong, Clent, Benik, the Brig, Robson, Jarvis). Shame as his breakdown's one of the season's more interesting. Although I still think Nicholas Courtney aces that particular trope in 'Web'.
To return to the crew, some of the racial'n'ethnic characterisation and portrayal of...Peter Laird especially (Chang) and James Mellor (Sean Flannigan) take a dishonourable bow. And is Donald Sumpter blacked up as Enrico Casali, difficult to tell in yer black'n'white sometimes but I think he is.

Overall, on balance, Not Guilty for meself. Underrated and somewhat greater than the sum of its parts.

So overall, to the charge of 'uber repetitive bases under siege' I'd say absolutely not guilty and the boring/prosaic truth of it is that it likely is the strongest/most consistent of the Troughton seasons. If his most Pertwee in a 'very solid, rarely stunning' way which is kinda' ironic. H'mm...If anything's overdone it's the paranoia'n'psycholgical stress/Command figure crack up. But no, Season 5, you get a pretty respectable pass from meself. Wibble.

*Yes, let's (not) have some focused racism we can really put the boot into! (I mean, by Dask's rather fetching trousers, in light of the woefully inept state of what currently passes for reality the numbed part of ya' really is waiting for the Vogons to bulldoze the lot of us/Davros to get the Reality Bomb working. Dismal. But be thankful ye're living and march to your front...ah, no, maybe not that last , sorry Gertrude/Tom.... honestly...)***

**Copyright a tantalising rare still from Dennis Hussey/Mirrorpix.

***I mean, I think our daisiest daisy just got trampled underfoot but away with ye haters of any persuasion, heaven in a wildflower etc etc


The in or out of f(l)avour factor.....

Partly inspired by a flip through some old issues of 'Skaro', particularly the 'Born to be Dockie' articles by Richard Walhoun in the first couple of revived 'SKARO's', circa 1990. There the conclusion was that Hartnell, Pertwee, Davison and Baker C all fail to make the grade, not having '...any tangible traits which made you instantly warm to them. None of them are readily identifiable to the period of the show that they belonged to; not to the extent where an alternative choice of actor would seem unacceptable...' H'mm and double h'mm...Not sure then or now if I entirely agree but very interesting piece nonetheless. Troughton, Baker T and McCoy made the grade by virtue of genius/indelible star quality/ a major 'intrigue' factor respectively!* It's also partly by way of a pre-ramble to a ‘Season 5 Revisited’ overview. Was thinking how particular seasons, then the Doctor’s and their eras in general have gone in and out of favour with fandom. Which led to the following ruminations…


Well, to be honest, this is one of the odd ones; era and lead actor never truly in or out of favour. Yes, there have been some latter day observations on Hartnell himself, the startlingly acerbic backstage interview that turned up. But as for the actual portrayal of Doc’ One, seasons 1 to 3 plus opening of 4…I remember for a long time (70’s, 80’s, even up to early 90’s) Hartnell seemed to get overlooked in favour of Troughton. Troughton: ‘Oh, superb…Yeti…Cybermen…blah, waffle…’ Hartnell: ‘Bit dull really…too many historicals…’ I think this has largely got overturned in favour of general consensus that story-wise this is one of the best, most varied and sometimes challenging eras. Hartnell remains a bit of a mystery, even with that such as Mark Gatiss’s wonderful 2013 bio-pic. How many of the infamous ‘Billy-fluffs’ were deliberate etc etc Like one latter day era, I’d say this is one that’s generally respected rather than outright loved or hated in a flavour/dis-favour of the month style.

'To diddle or not to diddle...there be the question...'


Weeell…I think standing of the era itself has largely swapped with Hartnell. Largely sight-unseen/confabulation in play, seasons 4 and 5 were the piss de resis, 5 especially so…Has now all fallen down a tad, with many criticisms of auto-pilot ‘base under siege’. (Many of them valid too in me humble, I’ll return to season 5 next time.) Actual ‘classics’ (what ere that well- worn term may mean) not always the obvious, as ably demonstrated by the recent return of ‘Enemy’ and ‘Web’. But Troughton remains yer connoisseur’s/snob’s choice, inevitably ‘in’ for the cut of the main man’s jib alone…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a convincing take down of Troughton’s turn as Doc’ Two as yet (in fact I’m not even sure I’ve seen one) so yep…not a lot more to be said. But granted, the thumbs up is largely for the main man, not the era itself…

'We're all meta-textual now, that's fer sure Mum...'


Ha! Or Hai!! In- Out- Shake it all about- (Grudgingly) In. Journeying from yer pre-fanzine age, the paper-zine era to the net…Three and era have been unassailable, irredeemable, both and finally (somewhat grudgingly I feel) acknowledged as ‘okay/very solid’. But always on the outside looking in: Just not really, truly ‘Who’ for many. Which remains a bit of a baffler for meself- boiling ‘Who’s’ indefinable magic’ down to its intrinsic self is a task for the ages’n’sages and then some…The format/remit is so endlessly re-inventable/changeable that I really don’t get the ‘not the real thing’ accusations. But there ye have it, we seem to have arrived at a kind of reluctant B+ for teacher/fandom’s least favourite, journeyman student. (Personally I love it, although think the ‘very, very solid, rarely brilliant, rarely dire’ charge does hold a grain of truth.)

'Monstrous self-referentiality'll be along promptly, no mistake...'


Well, this can really be broken down into three (possibly four) eras within an era. But not a one of ‘em has ever truly been out of favour/flavor in me humble. More a case of picking up on the (very) occasional cock-up, eh, ‘Android Invasion’? Early era, Hinchcliffe Baker is pretty universally adored I think- yes, it may not be your personal cup of tea but I’ve yet to see anything approaching a convincing takedown. Yes, the Williams era is more divisive, season 15 seen as a bit of a stumble, Bidmead and JNT’s season 18 a somber and subdued coda but nah…’City of Death’, and those in its vicinity for meself continue to elevate Tom pretty stratospherically…in, in and furthermore (and forever) IN!

'Indeed- one continues to coast...'


A really peculiar one, I don’t think anyone can call it…Is it inside the line, on it or out? Despite some gob-smacking highs (‘Kinda’, ‘Snakedance’, Androzani’) the era on screen really doesn’t do a lot to recommend itself. The ‘bit bland/damp squib’ holds true for many I think…No, it’,s as with Troughton before him, our main man himself. Peter Davison is a consummately superb actor and very well liked. Simple as. The era itself remains an unquantifiable, fast evaporating vanilla fudge. If you see what I mean vicar.

'Challenging? I can do challenging? Check out me granny specs...'


Oh dear oh crikey…Out resoundingly as far as our TV version goes, which is what we’re dealing with here. Redemption via audio is there for sure but not the subject here…Car crash TV. A real shame but there it is, the inverse of Troughton and Baker T in that I’ve yet to see a big up of any form on the era that actually convinces me…

'It's raining unwieldy continuity...Time's Navel Gaze circa 1985'


Out. Yes, there’s a mighty New Adventures revival and continuation. There’s assuredly a (minor) groundswell of support for the TV incarnation that Colin Baker doesn’t have, I grant ye…But never convincingly in favour with the majority of fandom or general public I think. (Side wibble but youngest sister, closest thing to another actual fan in the family, decries both Baker C and McCoy for arrogance/irritating omniscience…wibble ends.)

'More (dis)continuity than you can shake a question mark brolley at'


Yes, there’s some absolutely brilliant stuff in comics, books and on audio…’Night of the Doctor’ a lovely gift to a fandom starved of moving-pictures Eight. But it just ain’t on TV by and large and yer idiot’s lantern, cathode ray or Youtube does hold greatest sway in me humble…So out I’m afraid…

'Look now, look all around...you won't see me...'

Coming to modern era, interweb innanitus ‘Who’ I reckon the dust really hasn’t had time to settle for any of it yet bar Eccleston but me current thoughts are…


A weird mimicking of the Hartnell era for meself. Widely applauded by fandom, critics and public but with that old respectful vibe, not wildly loved or loathed. Respect in the house fer sure but neither in or out of favour/flavor.

'Thank you very much...Did I pass the audition?'


Extraordinarily hard to call. Tom Baker levels of popularity for our wildly tilting, be-quiffed main man but odd echos of Pertwee for me: In the sense of that daftest chestnut- ‘Is it really ‘Who’? I guess I’d go with ‘In’ at present but will time be unkind to Ten?

'Dreaming of me...'


That mimicry again, this time of Troughton- a main man born to play it, deft tics and natural eccentricity all over the shop but is it just love of the main man/core cast? A very cautious ‘in’ with utter uncertainty as to the kindness or cruelty of the passing years…heavens to betsy reverend.



Utterly, utterly un-callable…He’s still with us, an electrifyingly good/pin-point acute main man kinda’ hamstrung by behind the scenes circumstances in me humble…H’mm and double h’mm with extra sugar innit…

'Striation of the by-lines...'

*26 odd years down the line and with another five 'regular' (Ha! Canon, whatfore art thou?!) Doctors in the pack...Ooh, I'd probably give McGann and Smith the 'born to do it' moniker, Eccleston damn fine but not born to it, Tennant oddly Pertwee, not in performance but how he comes over with meself and not born to it...Capaldi absolutely straddling the 'Born to it/Superb actor but...' divide, jury still out...Wibble...
Where I feel the great show-boater/charismasplosion is actually performing best. Prompted by memories of a natter with Tat Wood in days of yore when he wondered aloud what the greatest Tom ‘actually acting’ moment/s were. Yours truly offered up concern for Sarah in ‘Seeds’ 2 , plus anger over the Marsh Child’s death in ‘Full Circle’ 3. Tat could get down with the latter but plumped for the ‘Pyramids’ 4 confrontation with Gabriel Woolf’s Sutekh, citing Tom’s skill at acting to a mask…Anyroad, as for now…

10)Logopolis’ episode 2: Tom, resigned and squaring up to a conflab with his future self, the Watcher. World-weary done very real/true.

'Later or sooner,kid, sooner or later...'

9)The Ribos Operation’ episode 3: The banter with Garron once captured. Very thin ice here as it’s largely just Tom and Iain Cuthbertson enjoying themselves but it’s delightfully smooth/daft.

'Your Golden Period indeed Tom...'

8) Terror of the Zygons’ episode 4: The ‘you’ve got to come out on the balcony and wave a tentacle sometimes’ moment with Broton. Emphasises the truly alien, devil may care Doctor we now have on our hands, light years away from his crisply formal predecessor.

'One will consider a Royal Tentacle at a later date...'

7) Though truth be told, the same sheer disconcerting alien-ness is well emphasized from the off in ‘Robot’ episode 1: The skipping rope scene with our bemused Surgeon Lieutenant Sullivan- ‘Mother, mother, I feel sick…Call for a doctor, quick, quick, quick…’

'A little heart to heart, eh, Surgeon Lieutenant?'

6) Genesis of the Daleks’ episode 6: Many moments, the tete-a-tete with Davros especially but I’m actually going for Tom’s voice-over with the dodgy CSO spinaway…’I also know that out of their great evil must come something good…’ Good shivers indeed reverend.

'Yes, that's the trouble with genocidal elitism, it has a tendency to come back and bite you on the arse'

5)The Robots of Deathh’ episode 3: I really want to give it to the ‘you’re a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain,’ scene but that’s Chris Boucher, despite some languidly deft delivery from Tom. But the ‘I have failed’ – ‘Yes, you’ve failed but failure’s one of the basic freedoms’ is utterly, charmingly, upliftingly Tom.

'Metal Guru, innit reverend?'

4)City of Death’ episode 2: I mean, yeah, basically the whole damn thing but especially the sequence in the drawing room from ‘What a wonderful butler, he’s so violent!’ on in. Life-affirming daftness from our electro-gurning Chesire Cat main man. Lovely.

'Four in full flow- exasperating and exhilirating in equal measure'

3) Pyramids of Mars’ episode 1- very similar to the above, the early sequence at the lodge with Lawrence Scarman. Particularly Tom’s delight at the year and his genuine enthusiasm for Lawrence’s early-Marconiscope. Delighted once again. (Although a very close run thing with somber Tom and Sarah on finding the murdered Scarman in episode 3)


2) Yes, somber, grouchy/grumpy Tom is a thing to behold too. Nowhere more so for meself than ‘Horror of Fang Rock’ episode 2: slams spats upon the table- ‘Gentlemen, this lighthouse is under attack and by morning we may all be dead. Anyone interested?’ Switch to electric grin.

'Do you want the bad news or the really, really, really bad news?'

1) Nightmare of Eden’ episode 4: the hollow, whispered ‘Go away’ to drug runner Tryst. Stark, striking and less proves very, very much more. Geezer.

'Four- he sees no wanker'

'It is indeed.Very. Thank you Tom.'

Oh lummox, it's a list reverend!*

10 ‘Into the Dalek’
Yes, it’s quite perfunctory but it’s just the look of the thing…direction’n’design have never been so slick. This is as close as we’ve ever come to imperialistic, ‘Star Wars’-esque Daleks.

'Mission to the Interior'

9 'Death to the Daleks'
Daleks on the back foot is always an interesting one and their machinations’n’conniving here are some of the very best. Nice(?) brutal machine gunning of the populace about the place too.

'There's a vein of pure characterisation over there...Your crew will be 3-Dimensional before you know it'

8 ‘Day of the Daleks’
Now this is a really odd one, I know many find the Daleks unnecessary and underwhelming but…they work for me, as the malignant presence at the far end of the time tunnel/future history gone tits up.

'Shiiit...We're gonna' erase ourselves from history...Shoulda' half-inched the Gorgonzola and Beaujolais...'

7 ‘Revelation of the Daleks’
Got to be careful here too…More a Davros story than a Dalek story maybe but they’re ruthlessly efficient cyborg killers of the first water plus maximum grotesquery in the house with glass Dalek ahoy and Arthur Stengos’s gruesome transformation…

'No, I'm with Davros...we should order a Balti'

6 ‘Dalek’
Does what it says on the tin, updates them for a new generation…a very fine throwing down of the ‘We’ll take all comers’ gauntlet…Not quite sold on the touchy feely Dalek at the close, it’s just wrong innit but hey, I guess it works effectively, it’s meant to be wrong…

'But I am the shiniest, aren't I Mum?'

5 ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’
Masterful fanwankery…Re-visiting and mildly re-jigging the programme’s history but really this comes down to two things…Davros as pseudo-Emperor Dalek and…SPECIAL WEAPONS DALEK! Lovely vicar, lovely. In a vaporizing the neighbor-hood style.

'Oi! Chunky! This is Clunky, calling you out!'

4 ‘The Daleks’ Masterplan’
It’s a huge’n’sprawling, unwieldy game of at least three halves but…Our titular monster contingent are at some of their most deadly’n’political ever here and the goblinoid/Great Old Ones ‘tekeli-li’/lurking under the mountain/bunker vibe is positively buzzing. The execution of uber arse Mavic Chen is a real moment.


3 ‘The Evil of the Daleks’
Yer, it is very likely an episode too long but David Whitaker works some real magic here, a darkly twisted, steam-punk mini-epic for the ages…The Emperor don’t need no clothes, he’s just beyond bonkers/booming.

'Aw, please can I go out and exterminate something Dad!'

2 ‘Genesis of the Daleks’
Again, yerse, as much a Davros as Dalek story but as the point of origin story it’s a thing of wonder and is a hair’s breadth from nabbing the top position…Yes, the actual Dalek screen time is limited but by heck does David Maloney shoot ‘em effectively…And ‘Pity? That word is not registered in my vocabulary bank.’ Shivers vicar, shivers.

'**** the subtext- Skaro uber alles, Davros fur immer!'

1 ‘The Power of the Daleks’
H’mm…I’m giving pole position to a story with no existing episodes? Seriously Gantry? Yep, seriously…On audio alone it’s a thing of wonder, even more so than ‘Evil’…Whitaker and Dennis Spooner are on fire here, the pepper-pots of doom have never been so sly’n’cunning…Full ruthlessness in evidence for the final episode, virtually all present bar the Doctor and co hoist with the Daleks’ petard…..By crimminy, somebody find it already!

'Cobwebs, mercury and powerful trousers'

*Mrs Gantry insists on a (dishonourable) mention for the 'Would you like some tea?' scene from 'Victory'.
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